Hydraulic Rock Splitters Manufacturer

Hydraulic rock splitters models: S-36s, S-36, S-90, S-240.

Shrikrishna Equipment hydraulic rock splitter is one of the most popular rock splitter products in India. This rock splitter material of the splitting cylinder is high strength aluminum and special steel material. It is light weight easy to handle and creating high performance pressure. Hydraulic splitter splits much faster and gives greater output, it can be used for horizontal as well as vertical position for cracking or splitting concrete and rocks.

Hydraulic Rock Splitters Manufacturer
Hydraulic Rock Splitters Features
  • Single person can easily use to perform operation.
  • Hydraulic Rock Splitter produces force of 415 Tons.
  • Hydraulic Rock Splitter can work under water.
  • Powerful on all types of ground strata.
  • It can be used vertical and horizontal direction.
  • Performs smooth splitting operation.
  • Noiseless, environment – friendly and dust free operation.
  • Operator can easily learn to operate splitter within a short time.
Hydraulic Rock Splitters
Hydraulic Rock Splitters Models

Models: S-36s, S-36, S-90, S-240.

Hydraulic Rock Splitters S-36
Hydraulic Rock Splitters S-36S
Hydraulic Rock Splitters S-90
Hydraulic Rock Splitters S-240
Model Wise Specifications
Model Types of Wedge Set Drill Hole Diameter (mm) Drill Hole Depth (mm) Splitting Distance (mm) Splitting Force (Kn/Ton) Length of Splitter (mm) Weight (kg)
S-36s R 32-34 320 10-15 3190/319 800 18
S-36 R 40-42 410 15-20 4525/460 995 22
S-90 L 45-48 580 18-55 1962/200 1190 24
S-240 R 45-48 610 20-50 2507/358 1290 32
Assembly of Hydraulic Splitters
Hydraulic Splitter Technical Video
Hydraulic Rock Splitter on site Video 1200 / 1800