Tractor Road Sweeping Machine

Road sweeper machine manufactured by Shrikrishna Agro Equipment Pvt. Ltd is unique sweeper for road cleaning particular for rough road. It is most effective sweeping machine used to clean roads, highways, internal roads and open spaces, industrial premises. Road sweeping machine is designed for use with almost any tractor which is fitted with hydraulic lift, three-point linkage & power take off & can be fitted or detached in less than 5 minutes.

Tractor Road Sweeping Machine Manufacturer

Brush sections are supplied in crimped steel wire or polypropylene which is easily replaceable. The castor wheels fitted to the rear enables the sweeper to follow road undulations. These road sweeper machines may be used to sweep straight ahead (for collection) or in two angled positions either side. The splash guard fitted to the road sweeping machine is easily removed to allow the collector attachment to be bolted into place.

The sweeper can operate with multi speeds as required, as it is attached to Tractor. It can gathers the waste from the corners, the tubular main brush under the machine sweeps up the debris from the floor and packs it into the container located at the front. The attachment and detachment of this sweeper unit is made easy with only two point linkages.