Hydraulic Concrete Crusher Manufacturer

Hydraulic concrete crusher tool is ideal in the demolition of concrete. It assures operation without noise, dust, percussion and vibration that can cause damage and dangerous situations to the structures. The Hydraulic Concrete Crusher is used by one single operator and can break with incredible power and precision. It is effective in concrete reinforced and non-reinforced, brick walls, structures in composite stones and masonry, ceilings, columns, stairways and every concrete section that can be attacked by the jaws, including rescue operations. These crushers smash concrete into small manageable pieces. They are able to separate steel reinforcement from the concrete pieces.

Hydraulic Concrete Crusher Manufacturer
Hydraulic Concrete Crusher features
  • Easy rescue operation from collapsed walls, staircase wells, lift-shaft, and columns.
  • Excellent yield and effective on demolition of concrete constructions, stairs, columns, beams, wash basins, foundations, beams, chimneys, strong rooms.
  • Noiseless, vibration free.
  • Very useful for concrete demolition.
  • Practical, handy, reliable.
  • High output in demolishing of old buildings.
Hydraulic Concrete Crusher Specifications
Hydraulic Strength (Tons) 20
Working Pressure (Bar) 700
Max Opening (mm) 230
Crushing Power (Ton) 7
Weight (kg) 23
Dimension (mm) 800*510*215