Smart Xpress Composter Manufacturer

Mechanical Composting is the most efficient and effective mode of organic MSW disposal. Smart Xpress Composter has an in-built Shredding, churning system, aeration and Curing System equipped with heating mechanism. This compost can directly be used for the field application.

Smart Xpress Composter manufacturer in pune
Smart Xpress Composter Features
  • Inbuilt shredder which is capable of crushing all the organic waste including whole coconuts, non-veg bones, vegetables etc.
  • Both, the shredding and composting takes place in the machine employing thermophilic micro-organisms to convert the shredded organic waste to compost.
  • Minimal Space required.
  • Compact, Safe and easy-to-use composting machine
  • Odourless process.
  • All the wetted parts are in SS 304 to ensure maximum life of the machine.
  • In-built curing reduces the labour involved.
  • Solutions ranging from 50 kg/day to 1000 kg/day.