Smart Xpress Drum Composter Manufacturer

Shredding and Curing take place in Smart Drum Composter employing micro-organisms to convert the shredded organic waste to compost. Aerobic composting being exothermic reaction generates heat which further helps in removing the moisture by evaporation in addition to the sawdust and renders dry, ready to use compost in few days. The material of the drum is LLDPE to ensure maximum life of the machine.

Smart Xpress Drum Composter Manufacturer
Smart Xpress Drum Composter Features
  • Developed On The Principle Of Providing Natural Composting System In A Single Machine.
  • Inbuilt Shredder Which Is Capable Of Crushing All The Organic Waste Including Whole Coconuts, Non-Veg. Bones, Vegetables Etc.
  • The Machine Has An Inbuilt Curing System.
  • Minimal Electricity Cost.
  • Compost is Ready Within 10-12 Days In The Composting Drum.
  • Adequate Availability Of Air Required For Aerobic Composting.
  • Easy To Operate And Maintain As There Is No Manpower Required For Shifting Of Raw Compost To The Curing System, Hence Saves Labour Cost.
  • Solutions Ranging From 250 Kg/Day To 2000 Kg/Day.