Smart Composter Manufacturer

This composting machine consists of fine shredder and mixer for simultaneously mixing and shredding of waste for uniform size. The machine mixes the composting culture and dry material such as dry leaves, saw dust etc. with the shredded waste for absorption of excess moisture. The output of the machine is raw compost which can be further cured to form compost.

Curing Bays

Shelves are in MS construction with Epoxy paint, with 4 levels suitable for accommodating 10 plastic crates in one row - 1 no./bay with irrigation system for moistening the compost during curing.

Smart Composter Manufacturer in pune
Smart Composter features
  • All The Wetted Parts Are In SS 304.
  • Geared Motors Are Of Energy Efficient In-Line Helical Gearbox.
  • Control Panel With Automatic Microelectronic Components With Preset Batch Time.
  • Machine With Built-In Safety For Stopping Machine In Case Of Lid Open.
  • Easy Control Panel Access From Rear Side Of Machine.