The ventilation of fire in enclosed structures is of prime importance; this enables to save lives of the persons trapped in fire and evacuate smoke. This helps to improve visibility at fire site and aid firemen to control the fire within short time span. Magna power high performance fans perform these functions perfectly in all respects. Depending on the application, this fan can also be used with water to produce water mist which helps in reducing the temperature and can also be used to generate foam mist.

Technical Specifications

Air Outlet Dia (mm) 400
Air Flow (m3/h) 20,000
Fuel Tank capacity (liters) 6
Dimension (mm) 680*840*500
Prime mover (Hp) 6.5
Fuel Diesel
Running time With 1 tank approx. 120 min at full load
Weight (kg) 70


  •   Designed for extreme conditions.
  •   Rapid and uniform smoke extraction.
  •   Rapid reduction of the ambient temperature.
  •   Rapid precipitation smoke.
  •   Faster detection and rescue operations.

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