Master has been the Professional’s Choice of forced air heaters, radiant heaters and industrial fans for construction sites, warehouses and garages. Master heater can heat any room, cool place and area quickly. They are ideal for use as a temporary or permanent heating solution.

The range consists of Oil, Gas, Electric heaters.

Direct oil heaters: Best for use of open or well ventilated areas like factories, Industrial sheds.

Infrared Oil / Kerosene Heaters

Radiant heating.

Oil level indicator.

Strong and long lasting construction

Adjustable diction / Tilting

Tow oil filters oil pump filter & suction filter

Technical Specifications

Air Displacement 280 m3/h
Fuel Consumption 0.8 kg/h
Tank Capacity 15 ltr.
(l x W x H) 810*350*450 mm
Power Supply 220-240/50-60 V/Hz
Rated Current 0,35 A
Weight 17 / 19 kg
Power 0,08 kw


  •   Useful in cold weather conditions like – North & North Eastern hilly terrain.
  •   Suitable for Military rescue operations, Bunkers, Tents, Mess Hospitals.
  •   To maintain temperatures in poly house/ Green house/ livestock facilities, Drying Crops.
  •   Heating spaces, ventilation and cooling, spot heating and dehumidifying storage facilities.
  •   Useful in warehouse/ godown & mass storage, workshops, storehouses ,Malls and small works spaces
  •   Heating construction sites, Drying Building & paints , Heating road works & dehumidifying
  •   Water Damage Restoration, Ventilation, Drying Flooded Interior, Quick Heat Up of Interiors

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