Working of S-1200 Rock Splitter - Wedge set inserted in pre-drilled hole of 100 -102 mm diameter and 1800 mm deep. S-1200 cylinder pushes centre wedge between two counter wedges. Which applies a 2500 ton splitting force on side wall of rock hole, resulting in splitting of rock without any noise and vibration. The output of the S-1200 will be @ 250 to 300 m³ per day.

To obtain maximum output following steps recommended:

  •   Step 1: Insert half of the total length of wedge and operate the splitter.
  •   Step 2: Insert about 3/4th of the total length of wedge to split again.
  •   Step 3: Finally insert the total length of wedge and split to complete.
  •   S-1200 can be used for open trenching, foundation blocks. Tunnel excavations.
  •   The splitter can be mounted on crane & normal excavate open pits, shafts, micro tunneling etc.

Technical Specifications

Model S-1200
Make Smart
Drill Hole Dia 100-105 mm
Drill Hole Depth 1600 -1800 mm
Splitting Distance 20-25 mm
Splitting Force 25/2500 (kN/Ton)
Wedge dai 95 -110 mm
Wedge length (A) 1200 mm
Splitter length (B) 3000 mm
Cylinder length (C) 1850 mm
Hydraulic pressure (min/max) 350/500 bar
Standard Split hole spacing 500*800 mm

Output of Splitter S - 1200

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