The hydraulic Combi Tool is used for rescue operations in Road, railway, air,marine crash rescue, earthquake & other disaster rescue, building-collapse. This cutter and spreader tool can deform metal structures or shear metal of vehicles by spreading or cutting. The hydraulic cutter and spreader tool can move heavy object.

Technical Specifications

Max Spreading Force (Ton) 23
Max Cutting Force (Ton) 43
Working Pressure (Bar) 720
Max Blade Opening (mm) 370
Weight (kg) 15
Dimension (mm) 600*500*180


  •   One cutter and spreader tool with various functions of cutting, spreading, clamping,
          squeezing and pulling.
  •   High cutting and spreading force.
  •   The hydraulic combishear tool can connect or disconnect hydraulic pump during
  •   Anti-slip design.
  •   Star type ON/OFF handle for easier and more precise operation.
  •   Double direction lock with auto-lock function.
  •   Protective skirt on the bottom of blades and splash proof design on cutting blades to
         protect the operators.
  •   High strength carbon steel with ceramic management on the blades of the cutter and
          spreader tool, lightweight, nice and suitable for under-water work.

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